Cheating Detection

Over the 50 coding contests I’ve competed in through the past year, this question became my favorite for many reasons:

Cheating Detection. Google Code Jam- Qualification Round 2021.

In my experience, it is rare to come across a coding question in contest with so many qualities that show up in many real world problems (some of which require approximated solutions several times per second). Fraud detection, anomaly detection and signal processing, to name a few, all share many qualities with this problem. A person who regularly displays unexpected behavior among thousands goes unnoticed until the behavior is measured against many others’ behaviors. One of many trading algorithms sending…

When we summarize information, we do our best to leave out details while ensuring our audience receives the most important parts of the story we are trying to deliver- just as I am doing writing this article. But, just how much of that story goes missing through the process? How much of what we left out was actually important to the audience in understanding the story?

To measure this quantitatively, I built a deep learning model to capture qualities a block of text (an article, a conversation, anything really) shares with five topics [politics, science, sports, weather, world news] using…

Hashem Alsaket

Programmer, researcher, runner.

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